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About Us

Myatt & Bell, P.C. exists because of our belief in families. We believe in building up, strengthening, preserving and protecting families through the generations.

The incapacity of a loved one; the lack of an estate or business succession plan; the passing of family member; a family fight over inheritance: These circumstances commonly disrupt and even destroy families, businesses, and relationships. It does not have to be that way and we are passionate about helping families navigate these challenges in ways that bring their family together.

Firm History

As a firm, we have survived and thrived by using the same strategies, planning, and techniques that we use with our clients every day.

Lew Myatt founded his firm in Beaverton in 1960 and we have been working with families ever since. More than 50 years later we are stronger than ever because the planning we had in place allowed us to transition through the retirement of our founding partners Lew Myatt and Bob Bell.

A Unique Perspective

In addition to our focus on family, we have a unique perspective on estate and business planning because of the scope and longevity of our practice. Clients and families that have been with us for generations have given us the opportunity to administer the plans we created decades ago.

In fact, we are consistently administering 20 to 30 estates at any time. During the administration process we probate wills, administer trusts, and ensure that our clients final wishes are fulfilled.

Additionally, we get the opportunity to administer estate plans created by other law firms and see what works and what does not. This knowledge and experience makes us better planners.

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