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If your your family-member or friend used a Trust instead of a Will, then you will likely get to skip the entire probate process. If you are named as a Trustee, or successor Trustee, in the trust, then you have a fiduciary duty to properly administer the trust, distribute the assets, honor the deceased’s wishes, and file any necessary tax returns.

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During the consultation, we explain the steps that you need to take as Trustee to ensure that: (1) the Trust is properly administered; (2) the provisions of the Uniform Trust Code are followed; (3) the beneficiaries are paid appropriately; (4) the tax returns are filed; (5) the trustee is compensated for his or her time; and (6) most importantly that you do not inadvertently breach your Fiduciary Duty as a trustee.

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Estate Litigation between family members over money is difficult and stressful. It often stretches family relationships to their breaking point. At Myatt & Bell, P.C., we believe that every attempt should be made to preserve those relationships and protect families during litigation. To do this, we will zealously advocate for you and look for solutions both monetary and non-monetary that can resolve the dispute in the most efficient way possible. Contact us info@myattandbell.com for a complimentary consultation.

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