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Myatt & Bell, P.C. proudly serves many generational clients as far as six generations of client’s wealth and legacies, businesses and estates. We are a team of diverse individuals, joining together to serve our clients with a high degree of excellence and customer service, each uniquely contributing to the BEST firm culture. Because of this, we strive to make your experience different—in the best way possible!

Our experience representing our clients through difficult times of incapacity and death makes us better estate planners because we know what works and what does not work. With an estate planning legacy dating back to 1960, we have drafted thousands of wills and trusts. Based on the age of our firm, this also means that we have a lot of clients becoming incapacitated and passing away, known as elder law, trust administration and/or probate work. We have numerous examples of families passing wealth and legacies, successfully.

One key in estate planning is a flat rate fee structure. Estate planning is inherently personal. That is why you will find a fee structure at M&B that is geared toward relationship, and not just billable hours.

Another key in estate planning is that we are committed to a high degree of customer service. We commit to responding to client’s emails and telephone messages within an agreed timeframe. For us, this even means taking time to meet the client, or advisor, outside the M&B office space when needed. We are committed to being available when our clients need us the most.

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