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Myatt & Bell, P.C. exists because of our belief in families. We believe in building up, strengthening, preserving, and protecting families through the generations.

The incapacity of a loved one; the lack of an estate or business succession plan; the passing of a family member; a family fight over inheritance: These circumstances commonly disrupt and even destroy families, businesses, and relationships. It does not have to be that way. We are passionate about helping families navigate these challenges in ways that serve the family.

A Unique Perspective

With an estate planning legacy dating back to 1960, we have drafted thousands of wills and trusts. Based on the age of our firm, this also means that we have witnessed clients becoming incapacitated and passing away. Our experience representing clients through such difficult times makes us better estate planners because we know firsthand what works and what does not work.

Today, the firm proudly serves multi-generational clients, businesses, and estates located throughout the Pacific Northwest. With offices in Washington and Oregon, our multiple-attorney team practices in the areas of estate planning, business, tax, probate, trust administration, trust and estate litigation, guardianship and conservatorship, Medicaid Planning, and Elder Law.

Elevating Excellence: Our Distinction Defines Us

We believe that exceptional client care is the cornerstone of a successful legal experience. So much so that our clients have grown to expect this elevated level of care and attention to detail from all our employees. From first contact to project completion, we aim to create a positive client experience that begins and ends with trust.

Additional market differentiators include:

  • We provide courtesy consultations with an attorney to discuss wills and trusts.
  • We offer estate planning services at a flat-fee so our clients do not have to worry about being charged for every phone call or email.
  • Trust packages include a Trust, Pour-over Will, all healthcare and Power of Attorney documents, estate tax planning services, as well as funding assistance, communication with financial advisors, and a family meeting.
  • All estate planning packages include access to our Client Support Center where we answer questions and offer ongoing support.

These included items in our flat-fee packages are unique to our firm and designed to add value and facilitate client-intended results through incapacity and death. By including multistate funding services, we can also eliminate probate in both states, which can be a huge savings at death.

At Myatt & Bell, we are committed to helping clients put protections and strategies in place to ease difficult transitions and prepare for the future, whatever it may hold. Our customized estate planning services ensure that you and your loved ones receive the protection you need.

Firm History

In 1960, Lewis Myatt started his legal practice in Beaverton, Oregon with the foresight that the farms and forest lands of Beaverton, Hillsboro, and beyond would one day be full of growth and industry. Robert Bell joined Myatt in 1972 as Myatt’s practice was at its largest capacity and the largest firm in Washington County. In 1975, Myatt’s practice spun off with Bell to ensure that “the interest of the client comes first.

By 1986, the practice became known as Myatt & Bell, P.C. The firm’s estate planning emphasis of wills and trusts thrived in the Silicon Forest. As decades passed, Myatt & Bell surfaced as a boutique business and estate succession firm, specifically servicing estate taxable families. Reflecting upon, and learning from, the rapid growth of the firm in the mid-1970s, the seeds were planted to inspire an internal culture at Myatt & Bell to grow into a client-first, caring, team, and family atmosphere.

In March 2006, Lewis Myatt retired from the practice of law after 46 years of devoted service. Also in 2006, Justin R. Martin was admitted to practice law in the state of Oregon. Martin joined Myatt & Bell in 2007, transitioning estates and businesses with Bell. Myatt & Bell is the only firm in which Bell was ever employed. His loyalty and dedication to the client is admirable and instilled deeply in the firm’s legacy. In June 2012, passing the managing shareholder baton to Martin, Robert Bell retired from the practice of law after over 40 years of devoted service.

Today, Myatt & Bell President, Justin R. Martin, leads a team of diverse individuals who join together to serve our clients with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and legal excellence. Because of this, we strive to make your experience different-in the best way possible!

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Myatt & Bell, P.C. exists because of our belief in families. We believe in building up, strengthening, preserving and protecting families through the generations.

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