Trust Administration

Helping Individuals and Families Successfully Navigate the Trust Administration Process

If your family member or friend used a Trust instead of a Will, then you will likely be able to circumvent the entire probate process. If you are named as a Trustee, or successor Trustee, in the Trust, then you have a fiduciary duty to properly administer the trust, distribute the assets, honor the deceased’s wishes, and file any necessary tax returns. We understand that questions often arise during this process, and we’re ready to help you resolve any issues and proceed with confidence.

Trusted Guidance for Trustees

As a Trustee, it’s common to have questions about the process. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation and determine the best path forward. During the consultation, we will explain the steps that Trustees must take to ensure that: (1) the Trust is properly administered; (2) the provisions of the Uniform Trust Code are followed; (3) the beneficiaries are paid appropriately; (4) the tax returns are filed; (5) the Trustee is compensated for their time; and (6) most importantly, that we do not inadvertently breach our Fiduciary Duty as a trustee.

Who We Represent

In probate and trust administration matters, we represent initial trustees, family members, successor trustees, beneficiaries, personal representatives, and executors, helping them navigate the complex legal process of probate and trust administration. At the same time, if you are the beneficiary of a trust and have not received any information from the trustee, we can help you assert your rights.

In addition to administering trusts and wills that we created, we regularly probate wills and administer trusts created by other firms. When you schedule an initial consultation with us, we can help you navigate the administration process and talk you through the next steps. We are admitted to practice in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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