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When I was a newly minted lawyer back in 2004, I chose to focus my career on advocating for justice in court on behalf of my clients. After a dozen years of litigation and working with clients involved in conflict, I observed that most of the disputes were avoidable. Making expectations clear, planning up front, and creating documents that precisely implement the planning, minimizes opportunity for conflict. I learned that I most enjoy practicing law when I am able to engage with clients in the planning process and assist them in avoiding conflict.

I wanted to join Myatt & Bell to be part of a team of like-minded lawyers and staff also focused on estate planning and administration. Although I was first motivated by a desire to form a professional connection with Myatt & Bell’s exceptional team, I have since learned that there is so much more to Myatt & Bell. The people at Myatt & Bell are caring and supportive. They take an interest in each other and in the firm’s clients. They work together as members of a team but act more like members of a family. This is no ordinary law firm.

Crystal Lewis