Ensuring Safety: Serving Clients Amid COVID-19

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Dear M&B Clients & Professional Partners:Justin R. Martin

At Myatt & Bell, P.C., the health and safety of our clients, team members, and friends of the law firm are top of mind amid concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you, along with the rest of the world fighting this pandemic.  As Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys, we understand the risks of this disease to our clients and are doing everything we can to support our clients in these difficult times. We are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and making it easy and accessible for our community to get their estate planning and estate administration questions answered and documents in place.

We are Still Open for Business!

We have heard from many people who want to talk to us about gifting, creating, finishing, or administrating a will, trust, power of attorney, healthcare directive, etc., or to administrate an estate plan.  For new and existing clients, here are the precautionary steps we’ve put in place to continue to operate safely and effectively during this time:

Virtual Office

  • Consultations and Appointments. Thanks to technology, we have flexible options to meet with you or your family virtually. If you’re concerned about your exposure to the virus and prefer to meet virtually, you may opt to have your consultation or review meeting via telephone or video call. We find that we are still able to connect in personal and meaningful ways. If you would like to schedule a virtual consultation, please contact us here.
  • Virtual Signings. To the greatest extent possible, we are updating your estate planning documents so that you can sign them from the comfort of your home.  Documents will be mailed, securely emailed, or shared with you ahead of time.   These appointments will be scheduled with an attorney and a witness present via Video Chat or telephone.  Then, because a few documents may still require a notary, please see our Drive-up Notary Services below.

Drive Up Notary Service

  • For clients who are using our virtual signing process, we will be offering drive-up notary services in our parking lot.
  • There will be no physical contact between parties during this process. You will not have to get out of your car, though you will have to be able to hand documents to us through the window.
  • Please schedule your drive-up notary appointment during your virtual signing appointment so that our team is ready for you.

At Our Office

  • We are complying with all guidance and orders from the State of Oregon, including the implementation of a social distancing policy.
  • To the greatest extent possible, all Myatt & Bell, P.C. team members are working remotely.
  • When clients require an in-office signing appointment, we will have the minimum staff presence possible to validly witness and notarize your documents and will keep 6 feet of separation between all of us. If necessary, witnesses and the notary can be on the other side of the window from you to observe the signing.
  • The foot traffic in our building is very light and we ensure that no more than one party is scheduled to be in the office at a time.
  • We disinfect our conference rooms before and after each appointment, wiping down surface areas, doorknobs, and the like.
  • Team training on current recommendations for preventative health and safety has been completed with all team members to ensure they are well-versed and adherent to best practices.
  • We installed a hand sanitizer station in our lobby. Please use it as you enter the office.
  • We are keeping our distance to show you we care. We will greet you with a wave, bow, pledge or Namaste, but sadly, will no longer offer handshakes and hugs during this time.
  • We are monitoring and are poised to adapt quickly to any guidance or requests from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our local health departments.

Virtual Seminar

We have moved our Wills & Trusts Seminars online, so our community can continue to stay informed about their estate planning and incapacity options. For many, our educational seminars are the first step to creating their estate plan. If you would like to sign up for a courtesy virtual seminar, please contact us.

WE APPRECIATE YOUR understanding and patience during this time. 

We are communicating regularly with our team to keep them informed and to ensure their safety and yours.

Thank you for believing in our mission and continuing to be a client and friend of the firm. Our thoughts and prayers remain with those being hit hardest during this time.

We remain committed to your Health, Happiness and Legacy,

Very Sincerely,
The Team at Myatt and Bell, P.C.
Justin R. Martin, President

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