Estate Planning Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!

The value of your home, life insurance, death benefits, and accounts are all included in your taxable estate. To find out how estate tax planning could save your family thousands of dollars, please join us for our free online live seminar.

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  • October 6, 4pm – Live Online Seminar
  • October 21, 4pm – Live Online Seminar
  • November 3, 4pm – Live Online Seminar
  • November 18, 4pm – Live Online Seminar
  • December 8, 4pm – Live Online Seminar

Myatt & Bell, P.C. is passionate about estate planning because we administer estates every day and repeatedly see how proper planning builds family legacies and strengthens family bonds during difficult times.

With roots back to 1960, Myatt & Bell, P.C. has transitioned many estates to successive generations using wills and trusts.

During the seminar, we will discuss how wills and trusts work and help you determine whether a will or a trust will best take care of, and protect, your family. We will also discuss the Oregon Estate Tax and how you can reduce your tax liability.

  • Wills

    Direct gifts to your loved ones and name guardians for your children.

  • Trusts

    Avoid probate and maintain better control of your assets.

  • Oregon Estate Tax

    Strategies to reduce your estate tax liability.

  • Lifetime Gifts

    Reduce your taxable estate.

  • Incapacity Planning

    Ensure you are taken care of.

  • Powers of Attorney

    Why it may not be enough.