With proper estate planning, we can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, your Oregon estate tax liability! completely! 

Even if your estate is barely over $1 million, remember that your estate includes life insurance, retirement accounts, real estate, and everything else.

Without planning, you choose to write a check to the Oregon  Department of Revenue for the maximum amount due under the Oregon estate tax.  You have other options!  To find out how to significantly reduce, or potentially eliminate” your Oregon estate tax liability, schedule a free attorney consultation by calling us at 503-641-6262 or email us at info@myattandbell.com.

Oregon’s estate tax exemption amount of only $1,000,000 was set in 2001 and is not pegged to inflation.  So this exemption, and the marginal tax rates below, will be in effect until further revised or repealed by statute.

  • $1M to $1.5M = 10% tax rate
  • $1.5M to $2.5M = 10.25% tax rate
  • $2.5M to $3.5M = 10.5% tax rate
  • $3.5M to $4.5M = 11% tax rate
  • $4.5M to $5.5M = 11.5% tax rate
  • $5.5M to $6.5M = 12% tax rate
  • $6.5M to $7.5M = 13% tax rate
  • $7.5M to $8.5M = 14% tax rate
  • $8.5M to $9.5M = 15% tax rate
  • Above $9.5M = 16% tax rate

We have an Oregon Estate Tax Calculator!  To calculate your gross estate and estimated Oregon estate taxes, click here. For Federal estate and gift tax rates, click here.


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